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Galen ([personal profile] techno_galen) wrote2016-03-26 04:03 pm

Ten Forward Father's Day talk with Elric

"Are you real?" Galen has no use for the illusions in the holodeck, but curiosity about Q's message brings him here. He hadn't expected to find Elric standing in the middle of the room, looking alive and healthy. Although he felt the mage energy, he didn't believe it. Not here, where anything can seem real.

"There is one way to be sure." Elric's expression doesn't change, although that's not an indication of anything.

Galen's doesn't change either, but his hand tightens on his staff at hearing that voice again. He knows what Elric means and pulls him into an electron incantation. For the setting, he chooses the standing stones on Soom. That Elric is there is proof enough that he is not an illusion.

It takes him back to a time when everything was normal. Although nothing was normal, he just didn't know it at the time. There's so much he wants to say, but the lump in his throat is preventing him from speaking. Fortunately for both of them, Elric is not so afflicted.

"You look well. You don't need the mind exercises any more."

"No," Galen confirms, although it wasn't a question. Elric knew him well enough to know something of what went on inside his mind. "I'm not a monster." It seems that he does know where to start after all.

Elric merely nods at that, but Galen knows him well enough to know he's pleased. For one thing, there are no frown lines. It's not an expression he was used to seeing on Elric when he was growing up.

"I remembered our secret." He smiles, just a little, to reassure Elric that remembering his life with his parents hasn't upset him. "And I learned the secret to joining with the tech."

There's surprise on Elric's face, but all he says is, "You were always closer to it than anyone else."

Galen nods. He'd have been more surprised - and concerned - if Elric had offered praise. After all, the last time was when Elric was weakened and slowly dying.

He's struck dumb again, but this time there's no lump. It's just the realization that he doesn't need his old teacher any more. He's learned to navigate on his own. And he'd said everything he'd needed to when Elric died. It is simply good to see - and hear - him again.

Perhaps Elric thinks the same thing, because he takes a step closer and loweres his voice. "Beware the being who brought you here. He has more power than a techno-mage."

Maybe Q is listening in, because after that warning, Galen finds himself in an empty holodeck.